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3 Things To Keep In Mind Before Travelling To Hawaii

Hawaii might seem like a traveler’s paradise in movies, but that’s not enough knowledge to enjoy Hawaii to its full extent. Are you preparing for your first trip to Hawaii and looking for some helpful travel advice? Knowing what to pack and how to prepare for your vacation to Hawaii is key to a successful trip. Here is a traveling checklist of things you must be aware of before your trip to Hawaii.

Bring Reusable Bags – Save Environment and Money

Be mindful that due to environmental reasons, Hawaii has outlawed plastic bags. If you go shopping, bring your reusable bags; otherwise, the store will charge you 15 cents for every bag it gives you for the goods. This will save the environment and your money since almost everything costs more here than it does on the U.S. Mainland since products must be transported here.

Remember the Laws Regarding Marine Life

Even though Hawaii is home to a wide variety of beautiful marine life, protecting marine life and its ecosystems is crucial since human involvement might have detrimental effects. According to federal law, the humpback whale, Hawaii’s official marine animal, must be kept at least 100 yards away from all ocean visitors. The suggested viewing distance for other marine creatures on the coast is 50 yards.

Additionally, it is crucial to remember that it is prohibited to approach, handle, or feed any sea creature or turtles in the area. At the same time, since coral builds reefs, kindly refrain from walking on them or removing any of their components.

Never Turn Your Back to the Ocean

No wonder beaches are a source of extreme adventure, and while the Pacific is welcoming and pleasant, it can be highly unpredictable. Swim at beach sites where lifeguards are present. Always enter the ocean with a friend, and keep your eyes open. Never turn your back on the ocean, as the people of Hawaii advise. Be aware of warnings and restrictions, and keep an eye out for signage indicating the risk level at the beach. Be aware that box jellyfish can be found in the area, and their stings can result in severe swelling, irritation, welts, rashes, and blistering sensations.

Hawaii is no lesser than a heaven on earth, but it might take the waves seconds to turn your life upside down. We hope you will be mindful of this traveling checklist on your trip to Hawaii.

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