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Planning A Trip To Italy With Family

Traveling to Italy with your family will not only allow you to spend special time with them, but it will also be a wonderful opportunity to introduce them to a new culture and foster in them a deep passion for exploration and adventure. This alone should motivate you to plan the ultimate family vacation. Even if you had unlimited time, you couldn’t possibly take them across the entire country. However, there are certain effective strategies you can take to make your family vacation special. This post will walk you through three effective methods that will make planning an amazing family trip to Italy much easier.

1.   Visit Top-Rated Tourists Attractions

Here are some of the top tourist destinations in Italy, as listed by Worldatlas



One of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy was formerly the theater of numerous significant ancient Roman events, including triumphal processions, gladiatorial contests, and criminal trials. This place should be first on your list because it will expose your family to gigantic pine trees, historic ruins, and a magnificent view of the neighboring town.



Not only is Pompeii the second most popular tourist attraction in Italy, but UNESCO has also officially recognized it as a World Heritage Site. Here your family will explore the ruins of the city that Mount Vesuvius nearly destroyed in AD 79 at Pompeii as well as the life and culture of an Ancient Roman city.

Uffizi Gallery


Exploring things worth remembering is one approach to give your family a trip they won’t soon forget. The Uffizi Gallery provides visitors with a memorable stay by displaying well-known Renaissance paintings.

The Egyptian Museum


Visit the Egyptian Museum with your family to learn about anthropology and archeology in Egypt. The Egyptian Museum, which houses one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of Egyptian artifacts, offers a variety of attractions to make your trip special.

Boboli Garden

Visiting the Boboli Garden, which has various statues from the 16th and 18th centuries, is one way to travel back in time to Italy. An interesting fact about this place is you and your family are now welcome to explore the formal garden that was once only accessible to the wealthy Medici family.

2.   Do Activities Only Done In Italy


A vacation gains a special level when you participate in an activity or try something new, particularly if you can do it with your family. There are several activities to do in Italy, including skiing in the Dolomites, taking a cruise along Capri Island’s sun-drenched coastline, and riding a gondola through Venice. Here are a few unique family-friendly activities in Italy:

          ~   Cinque Terre hiking for a breathtaking view of the region’s charming villages, untamed wilderness, and tourist                          attractions

          ~   Riding in a gondola through the Grand Canal, the widest and busiest section of Venice

          ~   Make and experience the taste of the Perfect Pasta in Florence

          ~   Explore Europe’s tallest and most active – volcano, Mt. Etna on Foot by Cable Car or Train

          ~   Ski the snow mountains in the Dolomites

          ~  Explore the most beautiful lake in Italy, Lake Como by boat

          ~   Try Pizza in its birthplace Naples, Italy

3.   Hire A Travel Agent To Plan Your Vacation


The list of things to do and places to visit in Italy are endless, which is why it is highly recommended that you hire an expert who will guide you on the best time to visit, how to get there, and how to get around.

Hiring a travel agent has many advantages, including getting you the best deal on your budget, saving you time, and providing you with discounts because they have partners who provide them with pre-negotiated rates that are better than what you’d get on your own.

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