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Top Travel Destinations in the USA for August 2022

The United States of America is arguably the world’s most renowned country. Its popularity is unparalleled for various reasons ranging from the powerful cultural influence of Hollywood movies to the pivotal role played by the USA and its politics in most parts of the world. The United States is also one of the largest tourist destinations in the world and is visited by approximately 80 million tourists annually.

1.      New York

This bustling cosmopolitan renowned worldwide for its iconic skyscrapers and eclectic neighborhoods is a city with an overwhelming number of tourist sites. The big apples’ most remarkable landmarks, including the statue of liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and Ellis Island, can be viewed at once through an excursion cruise. Tourists can take a cycling trip around the central park or simply a walk in Times Square to witness gigantic flashy billboards.

The Metropolitan Museum of art and Manhattan theatre district, with its collection of Broadway theatres, also offers great entertainment opportunities. Notable buildings are hard to miss at nearly every street corner, like the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Plaza, and the Chrysler.

2.      Los Angeles

Located in southern California, Los Angeles is the epicenter of the nation’s film and television industry. A walking tour of the Hollywood boulevard is a great opportunity to visit legendary filming locations and landmarks. The beautiful Venice beach is specifically known for its surfing history, while downtown L.A. is famous for its unique food and art.

3.      The Grand Canyon

Located in southern Arizona and carved by the Colorado River, it is proof of centuries worth of geological activity. It is a deep hole in the ground, encompassing a vast expanse. It offers great views of the endless horizon and deep valley below. To avoid the scorching heat, we advise you to visit the National Grand Canyon park in fall or spring, where you can fully enjoy the range of camping and hiking activities possible.

4.      San Francisco

This hilly, picturesque coastal city with its beautiful cobbled streets and outdoor cafes gives the feeling of a small town despite being big. It is famous for the Golden gate bridge, Alcatraz Island, Fisherman’s Wharf, and the San Francisco giants. Alternatively, visitors can tour the famous neighborhoods, Haight Ashbury and The Castro district on San Francisco’s cable cars.

5.      Orlando

Orlando, situated in central Florida, is the hub of amusement parks and is largely famous for the Walt Disney World, attracting millions of tourists all year round. Notable theme parks include Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, and Blizard beach waterparks offer. Orlando offers a diverse shopping experience, amazing hotels, and beautiful beaches just a few hours away from the city.

6.      Oahu

It is one of the Hawaiian Islands, famous for the Waikiki beach. With lush green mountains, golden sandy beaches, bustling nightlife, affordable accommodation, and exquisite cuisine, it’s a destination worth visiting. Tourists can experience authentic Polynesian culture in any of the night festivals, visit pineapple farms or go on a snorkeling trip to witness the unique marine life.

7.      Santa Fe

It is the oldest capital in the U.S. This historical city perfectly blends Spanish, Native American, Mexican and Anglo-American cultures. Known for its unique Pueblo-style influenced architecture and extraordinary art scene, numerous art galleries line the streets of Santa Fe. It is ideal for visiting in August.


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