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Travel Agreement

Ready to start planning your ideal VACATION? Before we can perform the expert services required to plan and organize your trip, a non- refundable deposit is needed. Our work is based on years of personal experience and professional expertise. The fee includes communicating before, during and after travel, utilizing vetted suppliers and partners, and completing curated itineraries. We provide you the best comfort possible. Your final travel plans and paperwork will ensure that your holiday is as rejuvenating as possible. Upon receiving the professional services & design fee, we will conduct the necessary research to find the best options to meet your specific requests and present you a proposed itinerary. We will review the itinerary together and make necessary changes, at which point the itinerary will be ready to book. 

We strive to provide you with the highest level of service. To ensure we meet your needs and expectations, we require clients to provide their concurrence or modifications to their itineraries within 48 hours of being sent. This ensures we prioritize booking requests that are time-sensitive and require immediate attention. After 48 hours, any outstanding booking requests will be considered resolved and may not receive immediate attention. However, the itinerary can still be booked.

You are free to purchase your itinerary wherever you like after Destined Memories Travel, LLC has constructed it. The itinerary is yours if you choose not to book with me; you are free to book it independently or through another travel agency (Expedia, etc.). However, there is no assurance that another travel agency or an on-line travel site will offer the same rates and options for that precise itinerary. If you decide to price-shop the itinerary, please ensure that all the items in your price comparison match the itinerary we have created for you and that you are comparing like items to like. 

Peace of mind comes with every trip planned with Destined Memories Travel, LLC. We have years of experience in private travel planning for affluent travelers who want the most individualized professional attention to detail and execution of a well-planned vacation. 

Once the trip deposit is paid, we’ll keep an eye on your schedule for any supplier-related adjustments, communicate any necessary details from the supplier to you and vice versa, and generally keep track of and manage the reservation process. We will prepare your trip documentation once the last payment has been received and send it to you three to four weeks before departure. We will be accessible to you for any queries or problems while you are on your trip.

DM Travel Booking Policies

  • Please ensure that you provide the most accurate information possible.
  • Quotes can only be modified TWICE before a $25 charge is applied. This includes but is not limited to change of dates, change of travelers, change of locations, change of resort/hotel options, etc. To ensure that the form is accurate, please consult your party before submitting it. 
  • If you choose to make any changes to your trip (dates, number of travelers, destination, flights, etc.) following the booking, DM Travel will charge a fee of $35 per change in addition to the resort/airline fee. 
  • If you are booking within 30-45 days of your travel dates, the full payment is due at the time of booking following your deposit.
  • All planning sales (fees) are final and non-refundable. In the event that you book elsewhere, stop the planning process, or cancel your trip, this fee will be retained.
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